Beans Dry – 50 lbs bulk



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1 bag of 50 lbs

Sysco Imperial prewashed whole dried pinto beans are a speckled, light-buff color and add an earthy, full-bodied flavor and mealy texture when used as a side or ingredient. These beans are a high-fiber, low-fat protein source in an easily reconstituted format that’s cost effective and available year-round. * One 50-pound double-walled paper pouch per case * 648 servings per container * 1 cup dried beans yields 2-2/3 cups cooked * Zero stones, number one grade * Quick soak or soak overnight in refrigerator before cooking * Use for refried beans * Season with cumin or chili powder * Store in a cool, dry location * Case dimensions are 25.3 inches long by 15.3 inches wide by 5.3 inches high